Every homeowner is required to have homeowners insurance. If you are buying an older home or are already the owner of one, you may learn that the home needs to meet certain standards before it will qualify for an insurance policy. Many insurance companies use a 4 point inspection to determine whether they will underwrite a policy. This article explains what this type of inspection includes.

The Roof is Inspected in a 4 Point Inspection

The condition of the roof will affect many other parts of the home. If the roof is in poor condition, it is likely to let water inside and damage the attic, ceiling, and walls. Water damage results in a pricey insurance claim. Roofs are expensive to replace, so an insurance company will be hesitant to insure a house with a failing roof.


A failing plumbing system is another problem that causes expensive water damage. The insurance company wants to know what material the plumbing pipes are made out of, how old they are, and their condition. Certain types of pipes are a liability. The inspector will also look at plumbing appliances like the water heater.

Electrical System

A faulty electrical system is dangerous for a home. It can not only cause devastating damage to the house but poses life-threatening risks to your family. Therefore, any insurance company is concerned with the condition and type of electrical wiring and the age and brand of the electrical panel. If a certain component is not up to their standards, you will need to make repairs before you can get insurance.

The HVAC Inspection in a 4 Point Inspection

The HVAC system is the final system covered by the 4 point inspection. Many insurers in warmer climates won’t insure a home that lacks an HVAC system. Like the other components on this list, HVAC systems are expensive to replace. They can also leak and cause water damage, or malfunction and start a fire.

Don’t be surprised if your insurance company requests this inspection to secure or renew your policy. The findings may prompt you to make repairs that are necessary for your home’s safety.

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