Every home can use a bit of sprucing up. There are many small DIY home improvements you can learn to do yourself. Completing a new project is rewarding, and you’ll acquire new skills and save money. Here are a few ideas to update your home.

Easy and Affordable DIY Home Improvements

Paint the Front Door Red (or Another Bold Color)

The front door is one of the first things visitors will see when they arrive, and first impressions are important. Though you could paint the door while it’s still on the hinges, it’s best to remove the doorknob and hinge hardware first. Also, make sure glass panes are covered. Start your preparation by sanding and washing the surface and letting it dry. Next, apply a primer and wait for it to dry before applying the second coat. When the primer is completely dry to the touch, simply replace the hinges and hardware and reattach the door.

DIY Home Improvements: Replace Your Faucet

Fixing a leaking faucet is fairly easy; it usually only requires a new O-ring. Replacing the faucet is only a bit more difficult, and most homeowners have no trouble doing this update provided the replacement faucet’s hole configuration is the same.

Shut off the water supply (the valve will typically be under the sink). Then loosen the nuts and lift out the faucet. Next, put the new faucet into place before reattaching the nuts. Finally, reconnect the water supply.

Seal Drafty Doors and Windows

If you are looking for easy DIY home improvements that will save you money, you don’t have to look further than this one. Sealing drafty doors and windows will help lower your air conditioning and heating bills.

First, remove the old caulk and clean the area with liquid caulk remover or vinegar. Let it dry. Next, load a caulk tube into your caulking gun. Then use the gun’s trigger to apply small amounts of caulk to the area you want to seal before smoothing it. Leave it to dry for around 24 hours.

DIY Home Improvements: Install Solar Lights

As far as DIY home projects go, this one is one of the easiest and most effective. Solar lights do not require any electrical wiring, and they are environmentally friendly. They can also be very stylish and they improve the security of your home. 

Stand-alone solar path lights have spikes that you simply slide into the ground. The closer you position them, the brighter your walkway and landscape will be at night.

Create a Tile Backsplash

Not only do backsplashes help protect your walls, but the tiles come in a variety of shapes, patterns, sizes, and colors that will brighten up the kitchen or bathroom. Measure the area you want to tile, mark its boundaries, and then buy the tiles you would like to use. 

To fix the bottom row of tiles to the wall, simply apply tile mastic. Insert spacers and repeat the process. Around electrical outlets, you will have to cut and score the tiles. Allow the grout to set for about an hour before wiping away any excess.

Check out peel and stick tiles for your backsplash for an even easier DIY project. These are available in many varieties and styles online and in home improvement stores.

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