If you’re buying a home, you want to get a good deal on an attractive and safe property. It may be the biggest investment you have ever made. Order an inspection when buying a home. You will learn if issues exist and what it would require to remedy them.

If your home inspector uncovers major problems, you’ll have the opportunity to negotiate or walk away from the deal. Another positive aspect of a home inspection is that you can ask the seller to fix repairs so you’re not on the hook for them later.

Order an Inspection for an Assessment of the Exterior

Your home inspector will examine every aspect of the outside of the home. This includes the roof, foundation, and crawlspaces under a home. The outside walls will be inspected for missing or damaged siding, insect damage, cracks, and mulch that’s too close to the foundation.

Grading Issues

An inspector will look at the way the earth slopes away from the home. If there are any issues with grading, then water can easily enter the house and cause damage. A drainage system might need to be installed in some cases.

Order an Inspection When Buying a Home to Examine the Garage

The garage door will be inspected to make sure it opens and closes correctly. The inspector will inspect any appliances in the garage, like water heaters.


The roof is an important component to understand when buying a home. Roof replacement can cost more than $10,000. If the house needs a new roof, you don’t want to discover that after you have purchased it. Your inspector will look for missing or loose shingles and any defects that might let water seep into the home.

Components of the Interior of Your Home

Understand the Electrical System When Buying a Home

Your inspector will test outlets and look for hazards that may cause a fire in your house. They also assess the electrical panel and make notes about its components and age.

Plumbing Inspection

Showers and faucets will be inspected for leaks. The inspector will examine pipes, water heaters, and toilets to verify that they systems work as expected.

HVAC Inspection When Buying a Home

The approximate age and condition of the HVAC system will be described in the inspection report. HVAC repairs and replacement can be expensive. You’ll want to know whether you will be needing to replace the system anytime soon.

These are only some of the areas your home inspector will assess. He or she will present you with a report of the findings. If major defects are discovered, you can have your agent make requests to the seller. Make sure you understand the condition of the home before you buy it by ordering a home inspection.

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