A minor kitchen remodel is a home improvement project with one of the best ROIs. You don’t need to completely change everything in your kitchen to make a big impact and add value to the home. Here are some easy kitchen remodeling ideas that won’t put your kitchen out of use for weeks on end.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Install a Backsplash

A backsplash on the wall behind countertops, the stove, and the sink adds style to the kitchen and protects the walls. You can hire a tiling expert to install ceramic and porcelain tile for you or you may opt to do it yourself with a peel-and-stick selection. If you have a simple kitchen, consider using decorative tiles with painted designs to add some visual interest. If your kitchen already has a lot going on, choose something more muted, like classic subway tile.

Replace the Countertops

Old laminate countertops wear out over time and may start chipping away at the edges. You’ll add value to your home by replacing them with a luxury countertop material. Granite, quartz, and concrete make for highly durable and attractive countertops. Collect some samples to decide what will look best in your kitchen.

Add a New Faucet

Industrial-style kitchen faucets have become all the rage because of their ease of use. Pull-down faucets have a flexible hose and a spray nozzle that makes it easy to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Replacing the kitchen faucet is affordable and can be done in an afternoon.

Add an Island

Kitchen islands add to the functionality of the space by bringing more storage and an extra work surface. Adding a kitchen island doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply install a cabinet base and attach a fitted countertop on top of it. If you are already replacing your countertops, buy matching material for the island or find one that provides a nice contrast.

A Pot Hanging Rack is a Popular Kitchen Remodeling Idea

Cookware is difficult to store in pantries and cabinets, but almost all of it has a hole at the end of the handle for hanging. Use overhead space to keep pots and pans out of the way, but within easy reach. A pot hanging rack is outfitted with several hooks to hang your cookware. Some even come with lights built into the rack.

You don’t need to spend all of your savings when you choose to complete one or two of these kitchen remodeling ideas. Evaluate what your kitchen is missing and start from there.

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