When you list your home on the real estate market, you have the opportunity to profit from your years of hard work maintaining the property. Unfortunately, there could be problems that you don’t learn of until a prospective buyer has an inspection completed. Here are a few reasons to order a pre-listing inspection when selling your home.

You Have Control Over Repairs

Your inspector will provide a detailed report giving insight into the repairs your home requires. The report gives you the chance to choose contractors for the repair and decide how much to spend. If you wait until the buyer orders an inspection, you could be responsible for paying the repair bill with their preferred contractors. This situation can cost time and money that you would otherwise not spend.

Price Your Home Accurately

Pricing your home is not an easy task, even if you are working with an experienced real estate agent. A pre-listing inspection gives both you and your real estate agent an idea of what your home is worth. You will learn about needed repairs and defects that are present and about the home’s strengths and assets. When you price your home accurately from the start, you receive more offers and shorten the amount of time the property sits on the market.

Buyers May Choose to Skip Their Inspection With a Pre-Listing Inspection

Buyers order an inspection to learn about problems with the home. When you conduct a pre-listing inspection before selling, you have the opportunity to take care of major issues first. Knowing that the home has been well cared for increases the buyer’s confidence in the sale. Some buyers may skip their inspection entirely in busy real estate markets and accept the results of your pre-listing inspection.

Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

If your home is similar to others currently on the market, a pre-listing inspection is an excellent way to stand out from the rest. It shows buyers you are serious about selling, which gives you an edge over competitors. Even if you are listing your home in a seller’s market, your inspection can make a positive difference.

Attract Qualified Buyers with a Pre-Listing Inspection

An inspection increases buyer confidence that you have taken care of your home, and it allows you to attract buyers who are ready to move forward with their purchase. If you want a smooth sale that ends quickly, order an inspection from an experienced home inspector before putting your home on the market.

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