If you are wanting to change up the furniture and decor in your home but you have a tight budget, use reclaimed wood for some DIY projects. You can make items on your own that would cost hundreds of dollars in a store. Read on for some DIY repurposed wood project ideas.

Repurposed Wood Mirror

You can make a stylish bathroom mirror or an accent piece to make a room look bigger with only four boards of wood. Purchase an inexpensive glass mirror with no frame or a flimsy plastic frame that can easily be pried off.

Use a power saw to cut the planks to the right length and at angles that will fit together around the mirror. Connect the frame together with L brackets and use screws to fasten it. Next, stain the frame if you are going for a specific shade of wood before attaching it to the mirror.

Mounted Shelves

You can make a DIY ledge shelf mounted to the wall with just a few boards of repurposed wood. You’ll need one 1×6 board for the backing and one 2×4 or 1×6 board for the shelf, depending on how deep you want the shelf. Then use a 1×2 board for the ledge to keep things from falling off the shelf.

First, cut all the boards to the length you want the shelf to be. Simply screw the pieces together and then stain it whatever color you like. Then screw the backboard to studs in the wall, These shelves are great for displaying decorative plates, plants, or framed photos.

Pallet Headboard

Many businesses have extra pallets laying around that they will give you for free. Ask your local brewery if they have three or four pallets to spare so that you can make a rustic headboard for your bed.

First, disassemble the pallets and wash them. They may be dirty from their previous use and from sitting around outside. You’ll need 2 pieces of wood, besides the pallets, that are long enough to span the width of the bed. Two 8ft long 2x3s work well for this. Use the 2×4 pieces of the pallet in between the longer pieces to add structural support.

Next, use a nail gun to connect the wood pieces into place and then screw them together. Then screw the pallet slats to the front of the headboard to cover the entire area. You can add wood pieces to the sides and the top to finish the project. The result is a farmhouse-style accent for your bed.

Furnishing your home with new decor doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have some free time, a saw, and a drill, try some of these DIY projects.

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