If a house fire breaks out, the occupants of the building only have a few minutes to make a safe exit. Smoke alarms provide an early warning in case of fire. To keep your family and your property safe, learn about the recommendations for smoke detector placement for your home.

Smoke Detector Placement During Installation

If you’re adding smoke detectors to your home, make sure you understand where to locate them. Install your smoke alarms on the ceiling or high on the wall. Detectors that are mounted to the wall should be installed 4 to 12 inches from the ceiling. Don’t install devices near ceiling fans, windows, doors, or HVAC vents because airflow can interfere with the operation of the smoke detector.

Smoke Detectors for the Bedrooms

Because people tend to be less alert in their bedrooms, it’s important to have a smoke detector in these spaces. Install a device in every sleeping area and in the hallways outside of bedrooms.

Kitchen Smoke Alarms

About 44% of house fires begin in the kitchen. Cooking creates fire hazards and it’s essential to practice fire safety while preparing food. Make sure you have a smoke detector in your kitchen. If not, install one, keeping it 10 to 12 feet from cooking appliances to help prevent false alarms from burnt foods.

Areas for Smoke Detector Placement

The clothes dryer is another common cause of house fires. The heat generated by the machine combined with dryer lint creates a hazardous situation. Install a smoke detector in your laundry room.

Every floor of your home should have a working smoke detector. Install a device on the ceiling at the bottom of the staircase to warn family members if a fire breaks out downstairs.

Other places to install alarms include the garage, the basement, and in your attic.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Each month, test your smoke detectors to verify they are working. You’ll hear an alert sound. If you have children, get them to help you with the monthly test. They will become familiar with the sound of the alarms and learn about fire safety. Replace the batteries in your device twice each year. Changing the batteries as Daylight Savings Time begins and ends is a great way to remember this important task.

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