A swimming pool adds fun to any outdoor party, cookout, or holiday. To keep the pool clean and safe, however, requires some upkeep. Below, you will find four easy tips for swimming pool maintenance to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe for your family this summer.

Vacuum Your Pool as Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool vacuum is specially designed to remove debris and sediment from the bottom of your pool. The best thing about pool vacuums is that they’re mostly automated and require very little human interaction to perform their job.

You need only to set up the vacuum, turn it on, and let it work. This is one of the easiest ways to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. Professionals recommend vacuuming your pool at least once per week.

Scrub The Walls

Clear, blue water is a sign of a healthy and safe swimming pool environment. To help keep your water clean, scrub the walls of the pool. Cleaning the walls removes algae buildup and reduces calcium deposits that form there.

For regular maintenance, a brush should be used on the pool walls once a week. For concrete, a hard bristle brush works best, while swimming pools made out of softer materials (such as tiles or fiberglass) should be cleaned with a soft brush.

Clean The Filtration System

Large swimming pools have a filtration system that continuously removes particles and debris from the pool water. There are three different types of swimming pool filters used for large swimming pools and hot tubs – diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters.

Although you might be tempted to clean your pool filter as soon as it becomes dirty, that would hinder its ability to properly filter your pool water. Once the filter catches particles, those particles help to attract more dirt and debris. To know the best time to clean your pool filter, refer to the manufacturer’s guide.

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Skim the Water

Your swimming pool will collect different types of debris, including grass, leaves, and insects. Using a skimmer to scoop debris from your swimming pool is an important part of regular maintenance. Skimming helps keep the water clean and extends the longevity of your pool pump.

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