If you’re planning upgrades to your home, don’t overlook the attic. It’s common to budget for new flooring or a complete kitchen remodel, but if you have usable space overhead, consider an attic renovation. Finishing the attic gives you additional usable square footage and will boost the value of your home.

Renovation Ideas for Your Attic

Depending on the size and layout of the space, a finished attic offers additional living space for your family. You might consider making a home office, playroom, library, or an extra bedroom.

Adding an Extra Bedroom

Converting unused space into a guest room will add value to your home with the additional square footage. An extra bedroom offers a great return on investment should you ever decide to sell your home.

When building a bedroom in the attic, make sure there is adequate insulation installed. Carpet is a great flooring option because it helps to muffle the footsteps. If your attic doesn’t have windows, add one on each side of the house. If you have the budget, you can even add skylights to let more natural light into the space.

Attic Library

Your attic may be a perfect space to turn into a comfortable library. Because it’s separate from the rest of the home, an attic library is quiet and offers a peaceful place to escape.

Select comfortable chairs for reading and place them near the window for natural lighting. If your attic is dark, have a variety of lamps and overhead pendant lights to illuminate the room. Install bookshelves along the walls and set up a desk with a comfortable office chair for computer work.

Home Office

Because the attic is separate from the rest of the house, it’s a good location for a home office. If you have recently transitioned to working from home, you may be getting tired of working from the kitchen table or trying to make space in the living room.

Convert your attic to a cozy home office. Install flooring, choose a comfortable desk and chair, and add a bookcase and filing cabinet to help you stay organized. For long hours spent in the office, it’s helpful to have good lighting. Use a combination of desk lamps and overhead lighting to combat eye strain.

Build a Playroom During Your Attic Renovation

If you have kids, move the play space upstairs. An attic playroom gives your children a place all to themselves. You won’t have to struggle to keep the living room clean and the kids can enjoy a room to play, read, and create.

Use shelving with bins for organizing toys. Add a bookcase or two to the playroom and set up a comfortable space to encourage reading. You might also add a child-size desk and a small set of drawers to organize art supplies.

Attic renovations make your home more functional and more comfortable. You and your family can enjoy new and improved square footage when you tackle one of these projects for your home.

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