If you are planning renovations to your home, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the details. While figuring out your budget and design preferences is important, you also should know the condition of the home before beginning the project. The best way to do this is to order a professional home inspection before renovating. Here are 4 benefits that this service will provide.

Find Out About Damage That Needs to Be Fixed with an Inspection Before Renovating

When renovating, you don’t want to build over or around damaged materials. For instance, if floor joists are rotted out, they need to be fixed before completing the rest of the renovation.

Most remodels expose areas under floors and behind the drywall that make components like plumbing pipes more accessible. An inspection can help you find any leaks that need to be addressed before replacing the drywall.

This is also an opportunity to repair problems with electrical wiring or replace the wiring altogether. While your renovation may have been for aesthetic reasons, it is more important to address safety and structural issues first.

Have a Better Idea of Costs

Your contractor will give you an estimate for the renovation, but that is only an estimate. When determining the material and labor costs, they don’t inspect the area for issues that may affect the cost of the renovation. Hidden problems are often exposed once the work begins.

When you have a professional inspection before renovating your home, you’ll have a better idea of all the work and costs required to do it properly.

Minimize Unexpected Repairs and Change Orders

Contracted work always becomes more expensive when something changes in the middle of the project. By ordering an inspection before the work starts, you’ll have a clear idea of the priorities and repairs needed. Share the inspection report with your contractor so they can provide you with a realistic estimate.

A Home Inspection Before Renovating May Redirect Your Focus

You’ve set aside a certain amount of money for your renovation, but there may be a better use for these funds. A complete home inspection checks the visible and accessible components of the house, from the foundation to the roof.

Maybe your plan was to completely remodel the bathroom, but you find out from the inspection that you need a new roof. Because a failing roof threatens your home and belongings, it would be smart to use some of your budget to replace the roof. This is one of the most valuable reasons to hire a home inspector before beginning a renovation project.

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