As a homeowner, you probably plan to tackle at least a few DIY projects around the house. By learning basic skills, you can save money on home improvements and be proud of a job well done. If you’re ready to get started with upgrades or just want to hang a few pictures, here are a few necessary tools for a homeowner.

Hammers are Necessary Tools for a Homeowner

You’ll use a hammer to hang art and photographs, build furniture, take care of upholstery projects, remove nails, and for general carpentry projects. Purchase a sturdy hammer of a good weight. Some have ergonomic grips to make repetitive use more comfortable.

Measuring Tape

Your measuring tape will be useful during carpentry projects and to determine if the couch you want will fit in your living room. Keep a measuring tape handy and purchase a smaller, pocket-sized version for carrying with you on shopping trips.

If you’re installing a new front door or looking for a stove that fits the kitchen, a measuring tape is an indispensable tool.


A level is a handy item to have in your toolbox. Some are digital while others feature a liquid-filled chamber with an air bubble. Levels help you hang a picture frame straight on the wall and ensure the deck you’re building is truly horizontal with no slope.

Necessary Tools for a Homeowner Include a Set of Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are useful tools to have around the house and you should invest in at least a few in different sizes. Screwdrivers have two basic head types, Phillips and flat-head. These tools will be used to assemble furniture, tighten cabinet handles, open battery compartments, and install new lighting fixtures.

Allen Wrenches

An Allen key or Allen wrench is a small, metal tool with a 6-sided head, sometimes called a “hex” key. These tools are useful for removing and tightening fasteners with a hexagonal head. Hex keys are often used in furniture and bicycle assembly.


A flashlight is a great tool to have when the power goes out and to help you see when working in poorly-lit areas of your home. If you need to change a light fixture, you’ll first disconnect power to that fixture. Installing a new fixture in the dark can be tricky. You’ll be glad you have a flashlight in your toolbox.

Pliers are Useful Tools for a Homeowner

Pliers are useful for gripping, pulling, and twisting. Use them to remove staples, grasp fasteners, tighten bolts, and some can be used for wire-cutting. Purchase a few types of pliers for your toolbox including needle-nose pliers and an adjustable set.

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