Mold in the home can be challenging to deal with because it is not always apparent. Exposure to mold can be dangerous. It leads to allergies and possibly worse health problems. Here are 8 ways to prevent mold growth in your home.

Dry Out Wet Materials Immediately to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

Don’t leave wet towels or other damp items on the floor or countertops. Mold can start growing within 48 hours when the conditions are right. Be careful to not leave laundry inside the washing machine for too long. Place items in the dryer as soon as the wash cycle is complete.

Disinfect and Dry All Surfaces

Mold readily grows on wet surfaces like floors, countertops, and sinks. Non-porous areas like marble, tile, and laminate are easily cleaned with disinfectant cleaners. As you work to prevent mold growth in your home, make sure all surfaces are dry after cleaning.

Use Your Bathroom’s Exhaust Fan

Do you see a fogged mirror after each shower? This means that condensation is getting on all the surfaces in the bathroom. Use the exhaust fan while showering to reduce the moisture in the air.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home By Fixing All Plumbing Leaks

Faulty pipes are generally the cause of most leaks. Those pipes need to be fixed the moment you notice you have a problem. The visible source of the leak isn’t the only vulnerable area for mold growth. Inspect areas around the leak for water damage and mold growth when the damaged pipe is getting repaired.

Direct Moisture Away From Your Home’s Exterior

Don’t let water collect around your foundation, on your roof, or in your gutters. Work to direct water away from your home by cleaning out the gutters, fixing roof problems, and fixing grading issues near the foundation.

Don’t Store Items When Wet

Be careful about letting mold grow after coming home from a camping trip. It’s common for a tent to get folded at the campsite while still slightly wet. This moisture can cause mold growth in your home after you store it away for next summer. Inspect all items and make sure they’re completely dried out before storing them away.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home by Promoting Air Flow

Prevent mold growth in your home by inspecting any dark and confined spaces. Areas that don’t have proper ventilation are perfect places for mold to grow. Promote airflow in those spaces. Make sure there is plenty of space around items to prevent moisture buildup. Open closet doors periodically to let air circulate.

Prevent Condensation

Use a dehumidifier in the basement to prevent condensation. Installing thermal pane windows is a good way to keep out moisture. Make sure your home has been insulated correctly. It will prevent moisture from collecting within the walls.

Use the above tips to effectively prevent mold growth in your home and keep your living space healthy.

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