Home inspections are a critical component of the home buying or selling process. Those who are selling a property benefit from having a professional assessment of their home, by increasing the likelihood of a good offer. Buyers order an inspection for a better understanding of the home they would like to purchase. Find an inspector who uses thermal imaging in home inspections.

Thermal Imaging for Your Inspection

Thermal imaging uses a thermal or infrared camera to read the heat signature of an area or object. This technology can be used in home inspections to detect issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. An inspector who offers thermal imaging will be able to provide a more thorough examination. He or she will include infrared images in the final report so you can see what problems were found.

What Problems Can Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections Find?

Inspectors who don’t use thermal imaging technology rely on other standard inspection tools and their eyes. While you can still receive a professional home inspection this way, thermal imaging cameras can find issues that may be undetected otherwise. An infrared camera can reveal problems with electrical circuits, poor insulation, plumbing leakage, air drafts, and more.

Water Issues

Water leaks are sometimes difficult to detect unless there are visible signs like puddles or water stains. If you opt for thermal imaging in your inspection, you might be able to learn about these moisture problems before they get out of hand. On an infrared image, moist areas will show up as a darker color. Unusual or unexpected cool spots can help an inspector locate issues like a leaky pipe, busted joint, or roof leak.

Energy Efficiency

A home that operates at peak efficiency keeps maintenance and utility bills low. Even a slight problem with your home’s insulation could cost you a lot of money each month. Thermal imaging cameras can detect areas of energy inefficiency. Whether your home is missing insulation, suffered roof damage, or has defective window and door seals, an inspector can better locate these problems using a thermal imaging camera.

Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections can Detect Heat Near Electrical Components

Infrared cameras can detect the heat signature of areas of your home’s electrical system. If there’s an area that’s abnormally warmer than the surrounding areas, this could be a sign of a hotspot. Electrical problems should be handled as soon as possible because they can cause a house fire.

Thermal Imaging for Your Inspection

Home inspections are important for determining the condition of your current home or one you’re interested in buying. When looking for a professional to conduct this assessment, opt for one who uses thermal imaging technology. The investment is worth the extra peace of mind provided from enhanced inspection techniques.

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