Summer is just around the corner and warmer weather means spending time by the pool. Keep everyone safe this summer with these tips for swimming pool safety. The most important rule you can make is to have a responsible adult supervising kids at all times. However, at any age, there are rules that everyone should follow when using the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety: Prepare For Emergencies

Make sure the pool area has safety equipment in case of an emergency. Keep a life preserver in an easy-to-access area. Have a well-stocked first-aid kit nearby in case of injuries. Make a list of telephone numbers to include doctors, hospitals, and ambulance services, and keep this in your poolside first-aid kit.

Encourage all adults in the household to learn first aid and CPR. You can often find classes at a community college and you’ll learn valuable skills that help to prepare you for an emergency situation.

Don’t Allow Diving

There is a high risk of injury when diving from a diving board or the side of the pool. Don’t allow diving. This is especially true for the shallow end of the pool, but diving injuries can also occur in deeper water.

Install Barriers for Swimming Pool Safety

Install a fence around the pool to keep young children from wandering into the area unattended. Choose a sturdy fence that cannot be easily climbed. Barriers are especially important when there are no adults around to supervise children in the pool.

Clean the Pool Regularly

It’s important to clean the pool at least weekly and keep up with regular swimming pool maintenance. Properly treating the water will eliminate bacteria and other organisms in the pool. Check the pH balance of the water regularly and make sure it is healthy and safe whenever the pool is being used.

Always Supervise Children

Never leave children unattended around the swimming pool. Accidents can happen even outside of the water. Children may be injured by falling into the pool or slipping on a wet pool deck. An adult should be present at all times when the pool is open.

Swimming Pool Safety: Install an Alarm

Install an alarm that sounds when someone enters the water. This will alert you in case a child falls into the pool or a neighbor decides to make use of your pool without your permission. Teach everyone in the house to recognize the sound of the pool alarm so you can respond quickly.

Teach Children to Stay Away from the Drain

Children are curious and may be tempted to put their fingers into the pool’s drain. The drain’s suction may tug on loose clothes or hair which makes for a dangerous situation with young children. Make sure your drain cover is intact and that the holes are too small for tiny fingers to get stuck.

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