Decks and patios provide outdoor spaces for relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family. Over time, however, these areas may become outdated and need TLC. Here is a list of ten ways to update your deck or patio to create an inviting space on a budget.

1. Stain the Wood

One easy way to add instant appeal to your deck or patio is with a fresh coat of stain or waterproofing sealant. Sand down areas of the decking boards or railings that are showing signs of age or wear and tear. Then, apply the stain. You’ll improve the deck’s look and protect the wood with some basic deck maintenance.

2. Purchase Comfortable Furniture to Update Your Deck

If you haven’t updated the outdoor furniture in a while, there are plenty of affordable options to improve your deck. You’ll find traditional wicker chairs and lounges to modern plastic pieces that will help you create the perfect outdoor oasis for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day at work.

3. Install Built-In Seating

Consider installing built-in seating around the edges of your deck or patio for a more permanent seating solution. Built-in seating can feature hidden compartments beneath the cushion to double as storage for outdoor accessories, garden tools, and lawn games.

4. Update Your Deck with Lighting

Adding decorative string lights is an easy way to create ambiance on your deck or patio without spending a lot. Outdoor lighting will make navigating the area safely after dark easier for you and your guests.

5. Plant Flowers & Greenery

Adding potted plants around the perimeter of your deck or patio is a great way to add color and texture instantly. Choose plants that grow well in containers to enjoy a patio garden all summer. Plant herbs to use in the kitchen, grow cherry tomatoes, or plant brightly colored flowers to enliven the space.

6. Create Privacy with Fencing

If privacy from neighboring yards is an issue, consider creating privacy using fencing material such as lattice panels or bamboo screens. This project will create a cozy atmosphere on your deck or patio, where you relax uninterrupted by the neighbors.

7. Set Up a Grill Station

Grilling with friends and family is a favorite summer pastime, so why not make it even better by setting up a dedicated grilling station? Purchase a grill and shelving or cabinets to store your grilling utensils. No matter the size of your space, you can find a grill to fit the area and your budget.

8. Include Artwork to Update Your Deck

If you want something more eye-catching than flowers and greenery, add outdoor artwork, such as metal sculptures, wall hangings, an attractive fountain, or custom planters in the deck or patio area. Art will add personality, texture, and color to outdoor living spaces.

9. Install An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Sitting around a crackling fire under the stars is inviting and relaxing, so install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for cool evening gatherings. There are lots of affordable models available online (or at local home improvement stores) that are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

10. Use Rugs to Tie the Space Together

Area rugs aren’t just for indoor use; they’ve quickly become an easy way to decorate and incorporate color in outdoor spaces. Choose weather-resistant rugs in bright colors and patterns to complement existing furniture and decor. Rugs are practical and stylish, creating a warm, welcoming deck or patio.

You can improve an ordinary deck or patio with a few simple additions. There are plenty of ways for homeowners to upgrade their outdoor living spaces without spending a fortune.

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