The weather is warming up, and many homeowners are working on their houses and yards to prepare them to spend time outdoors. After a long winter, your deck needs some TLC. Here are some of the best wood deck maintenance tips for your house this spring to get your deck in top shape.

Clear Off Your Deck

Many homeowners know to clear off their decks ahead of winter weather, but that does not mean that the deck is clean now. Your deck collects dirt, ice melt residue, leaves, and other debris throughout the winter. Completely clear off the deck before starting other wood deck maintenance tasks. Remove any furniture, tables, and other things sitting on the surface. Then, clear off large debris with a broom or leaf-blower.

Pressure Wash for Wood Deck Maintenance

Pressure washing is a great way to clean wood decking, but it’s essential to make sure that you know what you’re doing. If you use the wrong cleaner or the wrong setting, you risk doing permanent damage to your deck. As you complete your wood deck maintenance, carefully read through the manual for your pressure washer, and choose the right cleaner and the correct pressure based on your decking material.

Check for Damaged Decking

Spring is a perfect time of year to check your deck for any damage. Walk around and look for missing loose boards. In winter, when humidity levels are lower, the boards will contract. As humidity levels rise in the spring and summer, those same boards will expand. This often leads to screws and nails that pop or become loose. As you complete your wood deck maintenance, be on the lookout for these issues and make any needed repairs.

Look for Signs of Mold

Most homeowners think of mold as something that happens in the kitchen or bathroom, but it is also common on wood decking. Winter is one of the seasons when mold flourishes on a deck, so check for mold and treat it now. Use a specialized mold cleaner or a mixture of water and bleach to soak the surface and kill any mold spores before brushing with a soft-bristled brush.

Add a Sealant for Wood Deck Maintenance

If your wood deck needs a new coat of sealant or wood stain, spring is a great time to do so while you are completing your wood deck maintenance. Warmer temperatures help stain and sealant dry more efficiently, and it’s best to do this early in the season before you begin using the deck more regularly. Sealant and staining help guard your decking against the damaging effects of moisture and harsh weather conditions.

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