A swimming pool is a significant investment in your property. Even if you already have a few accessories or pool upgrades, like a diving board or underwater lighting, there are countless ways to customize your backyard. Here are four ways to upgrade your pool.

Add Seating to Upgrade Your Pool

If you enjoy relaxing in the water, add pool seating. Seats can be permanently installed along the sides of the pool or purchased as freestanding furniture that you can move around. Traditional patio furniture cannot withstand the harsh chemicals used to clean pool water. Purchase seats designed especially for use in the pool.

Purchase an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Some pool upgrades make your swimming area more functional and reduce your workload. Automatic pool cleaners are an excellent way to keep the pool in top condition without needing to clean it yourself. High-quality cleaners vacuum, scrub and detail the surfaces of the pool. By using an automatic cleaner, you’ll save time and extend the lifespan of your pool by keeping it in great shape.

Install a Solar Cover

A pool cover helps slow evaporation and increase safety. Solar pool covers are an excellent upgrade. They are not as durable as the cover you’ll use to protect the pool in winter, but a solar cover keeps the water warm throughout the summer. Solar covers use the heat of the sun to warm the water. They also help prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool, meaning less cleaning on your part.

Upgrade the Pool With Waterline Tiles

Waterline tiles are a unique way to customize your pool and add beauty to your backyard. These tiles are installed directly above the pool waterline. Aside from making it easy to tell if your pool level is too low or too high, waterline tiles add color and personality to the space. 

When choosing tiles, you’ll have plenty of options; Porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles are available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. If you have existing outdoor furniture or colored patio pavers, choose a coordinating color to create a cohesive look.

For best results, hire a professional to install the waterline tiles. You’ll enjoy the attractive look of a well-done update, and you can rest assured your pool professional completed the job correctly.

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